How To Sell Shoes Online With Zappos Affiliate Program

Zappos is an online shopping site that offers its client freedom of choosing what shoe or handbag they like and they ship to them for free. It started out as a site for selling shoes only but later moved to other merchandise.

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It is because of its success mostly in the shoe market that amazon decided to buy it for one billion dollars. It is possible to make money if you sell shoes online with Zappos affiliate program.

If you are a registered shopper in the website you get to enjoy discounts and gifts more than the new shoppers joining in. You can also make money through the site if you are a manufacturer of quality shoes. All you need is to send in a request to be an affiliate member and if accepted you get to enjoy the benefits.

There is usually a commission charged on every pair of shoe that they sell on your behalf but it is nothing compared to the money they make you. Note that it was started back in the year 1999 and has successfully created a name and brand for itself. You can also share your own shoe company website with them so that they place adverts about the company on their site.

For individuals who wish to make extra money they can place Zappos adverts on their own websites or place links in many of the networks they are associated with. They get paid for every completed purchase that originates from their link. Try to woo as many customers as possible using unique adverts which are not so promotional because they sometimes scare people off.

Give friends your details and name so that they can refer to you when you invite them to buy stuff from the site. The pay ranges from twelve to fifteen percent of the closed deal. That is such good money to make for only being a marketer.